100 Balls Android Casual Game

Welcome android users there is new android app is presented to you “100 Balls“. This android app has been developed and designed by “FreaXator Games“. You can get more a100 Balls Android Casual Gamepps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store.If you like world’s most addicting games that never really end, then 100 Balls is a great option. The ever expanding high scores are good fun, and the endless rolling balls putting you with some snooker game basics.

If you enjoy puzzlers or bubble shooter and want a fun game to occupy your brain teasers without consuming you, then this will be your great option.

Video of 100 balls Game Play:

Now There is the game play of the 100 balls which will show you the features and also result of display

Features of 100 Balls:

  • A lot of you balls player suggested old version of 100 Balls, with no shop system, just simple and enjoyable gameplay! So we have decided to remake entire game from scratch.
  • For even more fun, we have added score multiplier, which will dramatically increase your balls score, that’s why we decided to reset your current best score, because you will beat it like a boss.
 We have removed Google Play Games leaderboard and replaced it with Facebook! Now you can enjoy playing with your friends’! You can share your best balls score on your Facebook!
    • We have added new colored cups, there are 15 different cups, so your score can be multiplied by 15 if you manage to get ball through that glass.
    • Completely redesigned game with high HD graphic quality.
    • New 100 Balls icon!

Reviews of 100 Balls:

Here are some reviews about this android app. These reviews are given by unique users and you can read more reviews on Google Play Store:

So fun! I love how everything is so colorful and bright! Good job making this creators! Everyone download this game!”

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You can download this app for free now. The link has been taken from Google Play Store so that you can get the most updated and latest version of android app. We and Developers would love to know that what you think about this android app. You can leave a comment under this post or you can install this app and make a review on Google Play Store. Developers would appreciate your review. Download now and enjoy.

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