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Hello android users there is new android app 7 Min Workout pro has been presented to you. This android app has been developed and designed by “Moradsoft“. You can get more apps and updates from Google Play Store. 7 Minutes of Google Fit holder exercises now!7 Min Workout pro Apk Android App
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  • If you want to lose weight, have a flat stomach, get the dream body. please try our 7 minutes abs workout pro, it will help strengthen abdominal, also with videos on how to perform each exercise.
  • The drive of 7 minutes is the most popular one! The most appropriate training to ordinary people like you and me, you can do them anywhere, it only takes 7 minutes.
  • Application 7 minute workout pro based on HICT (high intensity training circuit), the most “safe, efficient and effective” way to improve your muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Try and get in shape.
  • It only takes 7 minutes, 12 exercises with 30-second and 10-second breaks between each. You need is a chair and a wall, made the circuit 2-3 times depending on the time you have.

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“This Guide is awesome for my workout in just 7 minutes “

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