Brain Cards Flashcards Android App

Hello everyone. Today I’d like to present you with an Android app that helps you learn and memorize whatever you want and whenever you want it. The app is called ““. Learn and memorize anything through spaced repetition and active recall with the flashcard app. Forget about going through notepads, memos, and sticky notes. Your memory is a much more reliable tool.
Whenever you have a spare minute, just start swiping through your flashcard stack. You’ll be amazed to see how fast you can learn. uses a proprietary algorithm, to detect your unique learning pace and adapt to it.

The app features a beautiful and clean UI. All the app functionality sits within one screen. Each flashcard is 3D modeled with 2 color-coded sides, to enhance the learning process.

Features:Brain Cards flashcard android app
* Free to use.
* No ads.
* No login required.
* Works offline.
* Supports most smartphones and tablets.

Review About App:

Below you can find a few reviews people have written about the application.

“Just swipe and you’ll memorize all the stuff you need. Really great if you are learning a new language or cramming for exams.”

“Easy to use tool for learning. An easy & straightforward flashcard tool. For any content, any age, any purpose. Will use it myself and will use it with my kids. Thanks!”

“Simple and easy to use yet useful. Very intuitive, learn to use it in 1 min, use it for everything you need to memorize by swiping. Great tool for people of all ages and for various purposes. You will love it!”

Video About App:

If you want to check out the app in action before downloading it, you can watch the promo video.

Downloading Link:

You can download this app for free on Google Play. Let us know what you think about the app, by leaving your comments and responses below.
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