Breaking Bricks Android Game apk

Feeling Awesome to Present you”Break Brick” android game for free. The concept for breaking bricks is very old and it is growing day after day. Breaking the bricks is said to be unique game in the action center of the android market. The game on the breaking the bricks that i am presenting to you is very awesome and has been developed by CandaDroid who have been designing always awesome games. This game has been shared on Google Plus for 54k times which is still counting so it is very awesome for this a lot of shares. This is also a testimonial for its popularity. This game supports the featureĀ  of In-app purchases. Before download this awesome game lets discuss some of the features of the game

Break Bricks Android Game apk

Break Bricks android game apk1This game is quite challenging and engaging. Almost Everyone is familiar that how to play this game. There is the yellow plate to hold the balls that will strike the bricks and break them and then move forward. There are several modes in this game like there is mode to play the game in the aquarium mode like under the sea. The main objective to complete the stage is to break all the bricks and leave nothing on the stage. When you will break the brick there are several advantages like you will get bonuses and other boosts. This game will become more hard and engaging as you complete stages and defeat the boss of the game like they may be temple, shape, dino and many more. You just have to tap and control the yellow bar. There are 150 + Challenging levels to complete including the bosses. This game has intuitive controls with realistic physics. This game has includes the arcade and endless mode to play.

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This game has been downloaded up to 7 Million times and installed on the mobiles of unique users. Break Bricks has been reviewed by more than 182k people with the 4.3 stars and that is quiote good. Now you can download this game from the Google Play Store. Here are the links for this crushing game at the bottom. Hope that you like this post and share it on your profile . There are several other applications and game of android platform on this website.

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