Bubble Strikes – Spelling City Apk Game

Hello android users there is new android app Bubble Strikes – Spelling City has been presented to you. This android app has been developed and designed by “TRINITBubble Strikes - Spelling City Apk GameY STUDIOS7“. You can get more apps and updates from Google Play Store. This Game will make you a Word Genius ! You will Get lost in the maze of bouncing bubbles that starts easy but gradually becomes very challenging As the levels progress..!

If you think you know your spellings , its time to test your skills.!

Features of Bubble Strikes – Spelling City:

  • It has 4 Main Levels, and 24 Sub levels , so 1st Main Level is about tapping the Bubbles in order , 2nd Main Level is tapping bubbles in order with lower case and higher case letters, 3rdMain level is tapping the Bubbles in Reverse order and 4th Main level is filling the missing letters by tapping the correct bubble.
  • As each sub level increases the length of the word, speed of the bubbles and directions of the bubble keeps increasing with the same time frame.
  • It is a wonderful game for Kids, Teenagers and adults to learn New words.
  • It is a skill full game that tests the coordination of your mind, eyes and hand.

Reviews of Bubble Strikes – Spelling City:

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Loved it This is a brilliant game to play and learn not just for kids for adults too.. love the look and feel of the game too. Excellent creation. “

Downloading Link:

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