Carla & Schnuu Timeface Lite

Hello Every One In this post I am Sharing a very unique application that is “Carla & Schnuu Timeface Lite“. This application has been developed by “ Andreas Schosser ” and when you will check the profile of the developers you will find other related application that will make fun. I have recently told that it is unique because this app basically represent a widget. This is just a simple and basic application which didn’t require any technique to operate. This has a widget thatCarla & Schnuu Timeface Lite represent a two characters . First One is Carla and second on is her grumpy octopus Schnuu. They both are fast friends and they are inseparable. Before Going Towards the download link I will love to share some information about This application

  • You can Use in on Android Wear(watch)
  • This can be used on the Android Smart Phones
  • This application provide a Widget that changes according to condition
  • SO Simple to use with User Friendly Interface

When You Will Install This Application it will ask to activate it. You can activate it by just adding up the widget. You can download this application by just Clicking Here:

Review About Carla & Schnuu Timeface Lite:

This review has been taken from some unique user when he has tried this application. We didn’t generate this review:

This is a great clock widget to download. The images change throughout the day and the artwork is really fun and also well designed. The widget is easy to use and a great alternate to the default clock

Downloading Links:

You can now download this application from our website now. We are currently providing link from Google Play Store so that you can get the most fresh and most updated version of this android

Downloading Links For Carla & Schnuu Timeface Lite
Click Here to Download
From Google Play
File Size=6mb