Circle Move Puzzle Apk Android Game

Hello Every one there is a puzzle android app is presented in front of you “Circle Move“. This game has been developed and designed by “sozadodev“. You can check more apps of the same developer from Google Play Store.

Move the circle right and left and see how far you can go through this puzzle full of challenge. In the menCircle Move android app apku upgrade you have different circle and each one has a special ability upgrade them and see.

  • The blue circle shrinks when you upgrade
  • The green circle attract stars once you upgrade it
  • The red circle move faster once you upgrade it
  • The purple circle is really agile once you upgrade it
  • The black circle is a special one. He has his own ability once you upgrade it.

Reviews About Circle Move:

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Puzzle game is always great to me. But, this one is my favorite game i like it.

Circle Move excellent work Hey awesome idea I was looking for this well done perfect work I really like this

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