Color Me Five Dot Android game

Hello Every One who is the puzzle love so you can get this game for free and fast and smart small size. This game is named after “Color me Five” and this game has been developed by “Blu Hot“developers and they have been working on more game for more fun. Well  this is a puzzle game and you have to complete the puzzle with the digit of five.

Specs of Color Me five Puzzle:

The basic thing that is include in this game is the dice and there is set of dices means to say you have a chance to play Sudoku. Then you might know that how you have to complete the sequence in order to complete the game. Have you every tried candy crush and you have arrange the small fruits then it will make a blast on the layers of three to five. The Condition is same here you just make the dices like to five digits. It is up to you you make the 5 in the dice diagonal, horizontally,vertically or what ever you try. Believe me this is the real test of your intelligence. When you connect the dice inColor Me five android game the from of 5 then they will combine and finish of. Before proceeding towards the download link I must share some more details about this application so that i will make a interest about the Color me Five.

Here is the Some information that I have taken from the Google Play Store.The dots are everywhere!

  • Your objective is to connect the dots – make 5s – merge 5s.
  • Fill up the dark disks with color and whoa – mind blown!
  • The more 5s you merge, the more colors you create!
  • If you’re a fan of 2048 or Threes!, you’ll love this new puzzler.
  • Color Me Five is the new tile-matching, puzzle game with a twist.
  • Awesome Music and Great Features
  • Play it today for free!

You will Love to try to Now Click Here to Download This app. Now I will share a review for some user about this great android game!!

Review About Color Me Five:

This is the review of some unique user who have tried this game and give us response

Outstanding I have installed in the reference of some one known and I cam to know it really works and pretty cool.Challenging I’m surprised at how hard this gets. Once the board fills up you have to get pretty strategic to last. I want to say Try this Puzzle game If you really think that you are INTELLIGENT!!

Download Links for the Puzzle:

Here are the downloading links for this Puzzle game. The links that I have taken are from the Google Play store. The reason is that it will always give you best and most updated application instead I will give the game from my server or my resources!!

Downloading Links For Color Me Five
Click Here to Download
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