Crossy games Android Action game

Welcome Every to this new android game. This game named “Crossy games“. This game has been developed by “Niobium Studios“. This game has been included in the action games because it has aggressive behavior. You have to rescue your self from the traffic and other city obstacles. Cross the concrete jungle of the city of Crossy Games. Dodge cars, jump the streams and much more!
Control your character with touching and sliding your finger to avoiding obstacles and dangers of the big city and reach the farthest distance possible.Before Going to the download process i must share some more information and some more features.

Features & Controls of Crossy Games:

  • 14 unique characters!Crossy Games Android Action Game
  • Cross streets and streams! Jump infinitely forever.
  • Avoid traffic of the big city.
  • Game play pure, simple and innovative
  • Free to play
  • Touch to go forward
  • Slide your finger up, down, left or right to move in those directions
  • Go as far as you can!
  • Unlock all characters!

Hope that this is enough for you to know about this game. Some things may be hidden from you and You will know it when you Install it. You can download it by clicking here

Reviews About This Game:

This review has been taken from Google Market. This review is from some unique user:

Retro Old versionĀ  games (Pixel-ate) Always makes me feel good. It made my day and 5 star for sure.

Downloading Links:

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Downloading Links For Crossy Games
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