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Hello android users today I am sharing a new android app that is “Donkey Ollie“. This app has been designed and developed by “Aglaia Software, Inc.“. You can get more apps and updates from the developer on Google Play Store.

The Tales of Donkey Ollie are a series of 40 children’s stories based on Donkey Ollie,a well known children’s character seen weekly in millions of Homes. Donkey Ollie android app apk

The “Lord’s Prayer” is a delightful collection of stories covering ten parts of the Lord’s Prayer. The “Names of God” details God’s personality through names such as The Great Shepherd. The “Ten Commandments” is a simple way for children to learn about God’s commandments through the eyes of Donkey Ollie and his brothers.

The “Miracles of Jesus” are ten stories which detail the bible account of miracles worked by Jesus during his time on earth. Please freely enjoy this app created by Publisher Boat Angel Outreach Center. Reaching out to children worldwide.

Reviews of Donkey Ollie:

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Donkey Ollie My 10 mo. Old son loves Donkey Ollie!I have the movie and he watches it EVERYDAY! I tried other movies but that is the only one he will pay attention to and get to the screen.

Great for kids Teaches kids about the lord using a great cartoon. I have the movie and my brothers love it and watch it.

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