How to Download Android Apps on Computer

There is tutorial for you that is “How to Download Android Apps on Computer”. There are several reasons for downloading application on computer or laptop without downloading it on android device.Google has developed it’s own android store that is also known as “Google Play Store“. In this store there are millions of applications and games for different android devices.These Android games and Android Apps are provided by different developers and users.Google has  been now providing all source of entertainment in one platform.The android mobiles software has been contributed by Google it’s self.Since this device has came into being a new world has been started that is Android World.Now lets move towards our topic that covers ” How to Download Android Apps on Computer” .The method is very simple for download the file.Now there are also ways has been developed which you can use and you can install android game on your computer or laptop.

How to Download Android Apps on Computer

First You have to Go to Android market at this link “” and search you favorite or required application and copy it’s url address.This step is very easy I am showing you that how you can perform that step in the image.

Then Go to this website  and paste the last copied android application url.How to Download Android Apps on computer 1

After Pasting that web address click on generate download link and wait for few seconds till the application is loaded.Then Click on the Download Now Button at the bottom and you download begins to starts.Here is the Image for you.How to Download Android Apps on computer 2

Benefit to Download Android Apps on Computer:

There are several benefits to download android apps on computer.The first most important advantage is that you will save android file to your hard drive.When you factory reset or flash your android device then all your applications and games are uninstalled.You mobile become empty.It take time to a download and install again all files.When you have downloaded them from computer then you can easily reinstall them even you are offline.You can also use that old version if your device is not installing the new versions.So these are advantages when you download android apps on computer.Friends I have made a complete video to show you that how this proper works because peefection in work is every thing.

Some More!

When You have downloaded the application or game from your computer then the nest step is how to install the application on mobile.There are is the brief view

How to Install Application on your Android Mobile After Downloading It

Now the topic is over if you have any questions then you can ask me freely.I feel glad to answer you.Share This tutorial and also subscribe us on social networks.