Dragon Hunter Apk + Mod V1 FT Games

Welcome users to this android game that is Dragon Hunter Mod Apk and this game is free to install and download. This arcade, action game has been created by FT Games and which are top developers of the Google App Store and you can check their other apps to about zombie hell, zombie frontier and same like others.Dragon Hunter Apk + Mod V1 FT Games This game works with the fight of the dragons. This game also supports the purchase of items like the money for the up gradation of the arrows and also your skills. The theme of the game is that you are in the era where you are facing the dragons as your enemy and they try to attack on your fort and you have arms to take down these dragons. When you kill the dragons the you collect them and use them as a food . There are different tools to use like you can use the magic power to kill the dragons and also earn the points. I have made a game play so that you can see and enjoy the game and also have a chance to see the graphics and chemistry of the game before downloading.

Video of Dragon Hunter Apk Game Play:

There is a video of the game play of the Dragon Hunter and this video has been created in HD quality but some time quality may be change from the original game because of the rendering system and recording systems.

Download Dragon Hunter APk + Mod:

There are two links that you can follow to download this game. The first link is original version game that is from Google App Store and the other link is for the Dragon Hunter Mod apk and this link has been taken from some source that is zippy share. The reason for this mod app is that you can get the unlimited coins and special features for free. make your choice and download the game

Download From Google Play Store
Download Mod Apk Game Zippy Share

Features of Dragon Hunter FT Games:

There are some features of the game that have been explained on the experience of our game playing

  • There are different kind of weapons like arrows, poison arrows, magic arrows and also other kind  and each has the specific purpose and different effects
  • You can repair your castle and and also upgrade its security and strength
  • There are 3 boss after multiple stage of the serious levels