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Hello Android Lovers, There is new  android app is presented to you “Drive The Cars“. This android application has been designed and developed by “ e-Volving Digital “. You can see more apps of the same developer on Google Play Store.Before going to install this app I will share some more information about Drive the Cars android game. Drive the Cars is a fun and very addictive game in which you have to take control of the Two Cars simultaneously while taking all the circles and avoiding the squares by jumping from one track to another. By the way, don’t miss any circle or let them to get to the bottom or you’ll fail!

This Car game is an exercise of hand-to-hand coordination ability and concentration, so pay attention and don’t get distracted! The speed will increase as the game goes on! It’s available for tablets

Review About Drive the Cars :Drive The Cars Android App

There are some reviews about this android game. These review have been given by the unique user of this game. You can read more reviews from Google Play Store.

“Awesome I love this game, is really simple, but it’s fun”

Great game !! Simple and fun !! Highly addictive !! Great work ! “

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