EGR Grasstrack Android Racing Game

Hello Every one to this new android application that is “EGR Grasstrack“. This is a 3d racing game that has been developed by “ EGR Games”. This game has been based on racing and other vehicles.┬áBased on real life Autograss racing, EGR Grasstrack was designed to be a challenge. A less than perfect corner will cost you. The premise is simple, attack every corner and nail that drift. Drifting recharges your boost and boost wins you races.

  • Drifting is the key in this game, every corner should be drifted for maximum effect but with 4 surface types and 3 unique tracks, it’s not easy to master!EGR Grasstrack
  • This is a Standalone port of my Android App. The game is still in development but what you have here is my Version 2 release. It has 3 tracks (Valley,Stadium,Beach), 21 levels and Engine, Transmission and Chassis unlocks.
  • Upgrade your car by winning the parts in game. racing in Valley will win Engine parts, Stadium races win Transmission parts and Amber sands gets suspension upgrades.

Due to the development nature of this game, there may be a bug or two, please do let me know if so.If you like the game, please support and rate. I release an update weekly and the next updates have Leaderboard integration planned for a hot lap mode, a super series race event and suspension unlocks. Please remember, this is an Early access game, given to you awesome guys for free. The current build supports Android 4.0+ and is best played on phones with the latest multi core processors.

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Latest update best yet! This game is still being developed and is updated every few days.. each update adds something worthwhile.

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