Escape Games Impossible! Free Apk App

Welcome android users there is new android app is presented to you “Escape Games Impossible“. This android app has been developed and designed by “Illusion Minds“. You can get more apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store. Embark on this addictive journey and experience this minimalistic designed endless escape game which puts your reflex to action!Escape Games Impossible! Free Apk App

So how far can you go through the black hole and escape out alive! Since the black hole is with full of obstacles and is confined to a limited space, It is not easy to escape unless you have the ability to get out as a winner and achieve the impossible! So are you ready to take up the challenge to escape the black hole space!

Features of Escape Games Impossible:

  • Minimalistic addictive gameplay where you have to escape the obstacles by tapping over the screen.Escape Games Impossible! Free Apk App1
  • You take up the role of a astronaut who is alone stranded in the black hole.
  • You will need to master over your survival instincts since you’ll be needing more than enough oxygen to sustain in the black hole, hence you will be needing the oxygen all the way through your journey.
  • You need to escape through through this black hole with the help a jetpack.
  • Featuring a 2d game style you need to survive till you can escape out of the black hole and make out alive! So collect as many oxygen you can during the quest and master it to obtain best highscore stats.

Reviews of Escape Games Impossible:

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“Great gameplay! “

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