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Hello android lovers today I am sharing a new android app “Habit reCode – Be Accountable“. This android app has been developed and designed by “Flat Out“. You can get more updates and apps from the developer From Google Apps Market.How many times have you set goals only to watch them fall away?
Did you start out strong before procrastinating and rationalising your way out?Habit reCode - Be Accountable

We fail to follow through because the brain is wired to resist discomfort.

Imagine if we could counteract this wiring and override the brains resistance to change.

Turns out, the brain is also wired to avoid loss. The mere thought of losing a small amount of money is a powerful psychological motivator, enough motivation to compel you to take action instead of choosing the easy way out.

Habit reCode uses this principle (loss aversion) to motivate you and acts like your accountability partner. If you fail to complete one of your daily commitments you lose US$2.

Advantages and Features:

• Daily coaching and guidance
• A digital accountability partner (via loss aversion)
• Reminders via push notifications
• No ads

Productivity module (coming soon) – “The one thing” – how to stop procrastination and achieve your personal goals (based on the book by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan)
30 day module guides and reminds you of the key elements from the book to increase productivity
• Stop procrastination and improve time management (more than just todo lists)
• Routinely identify and list the one thing that you can do that will have the biggest impact on your success.

You will need:
• A Facebook account,
• a PayPal account (no money will be deducted unless you fail to follow through),
• a desire to finally achieve lasting change.

Future modules include fitness for weight loss, creativity and Zen (mindfulness)Habit reCode - Be Accountable1

Unlike Stickk, Coach me, Habitbull, Pact, tracker and todo lists, this app does not leave it to you to figure out your own plan. It provides daily guidance based on the behavioural science principles, social influence and success principles to massively increase the chance of achieving self development and your personal goals. Small daily steps rewire your habits for lasting change and keep you on a winning streak.

Tracker or todo lists?
Trackers let you monitor your behaviour and track your winning or losing streaks; they do not coach you or guide you with behavioural change principles. A tracker is great if you are already implementing the behaviour but they do not keep you accountable.

Why loss aversion?
Humans are more motivated to avoid a loss than receive a gain! By holding yourself accountable and placing a small amount of money on the line, you are up to 3x more likely to achieve a goal.

If you want increased productivity, you strive for self development and you need to get motivated to stay on track to end procrastination or remove a bad behaviour, this app can help you. Change bad habits into good ones. No need for a tracker or separate to-do app.

Achieve success through daily guidance and by staying accountable.

You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

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Nice This app actually keeps me accountable Great information that’s basically free! 

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