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Welcome android users there is new android app is presented to you “ICU Friend Locator“. This android app hICU Friend Locator Apk Android Appas been developed and designed by “Daniel Primm“. You can get more apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store. Easy Friend locator that can be used to see where you friends or family are. It can also be used to track your kids or any other person that is carring a smartphone. The tracking will be ensured via the phone numbers.

Features of ICU Friend Locator:

  • It works very power efficiently, the position is only aquired from the app if someone requested it.
  • To be fully transpartent the app logs the requests in the history view. So you can see anytime if somone aquiICU Friend Locator Apk Android App1red your position and when.
  • For security reasons you must approve every person to see your position. You can do that with the switch after each name in the list.
  • Your phone number will be send to twitter digits for verification. This is necessary to ensure that it is rely your phone number you are using.
  • To display your friends we need the data from your address book, but all the number we read from your address book will be encoded to hash values that are stored on our servers. Therefore it is impossible to get from the hash value back to the number.

Reviews of ICU Friend Locator:

Here are some reviews about this android app. These reviews are given by unique users and you can read more reviews on Google Play Store:

“Nice little app, helps a lot, great job! 🙂 “

Downloading Link:

You can download this app for free now. The link has been taken from Google Play Store so that you can get the most updated and latest version of android app. We and Developers would love to know that what you think about this android app. You can leave a comment under this post or you can install this app and make a review on Google Play Store. Developers would appreciate your review. Download now and enjoy.

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