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iRunner app apk game has been develop by the developers of the Top Casual. These developer are yet not included in the top developers list of the Google Market or Google Play Store. iRunner app has received 23k shares from the Google Plus but it has a great impact on other several social platform and also it has videos stats on the platform of the You tube. Theme for the application is also like the runner apps that you like to play. Theme is same but the difference is between the objects and the visuals with other developers. It is included in the list in the Action android Games but according to my review it must be included in the causal category. You will like to play the alternatives like the Ninja Kid Run apk, Subway Surfers and temple Run hacked. These are also from the family of the iRunner or vice versa. Before reaching to the Downloading links I would like to share more information and more stats about this iRunner app apk.

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There is candle like fast running character who like to jump and run with the obstacles and hurdles. The video results are HD and sound mixing is great. The character is named as the “Mr.I” so that why this is named after the character. There are three modes in this game “Adventure, Quick Play and Challenge”. All the stages are very interesting and this game is very fast as you can imagine. The main purpose of running is to collect the batteries and also gifts to complete the costume of the batman. Your mind must be quick to play. It is not for the persons of the lazy minded or slow mood. There are some features about the application.

  • Tap to Jump and slide and you can swipe the controls.
  • Double tap to jump twice.
  • HD Graphics with tablet working support.
  • Three Modes of Tasks
  • 16 Achievement or Goals to Achieve.
  • Complete 5 Levels in the Adventure Mode
  • Require only android version1.6 to get installed

There are also many features to unlock and play on this game. iRunner app apk has been installed the average of the 7 Million times. There are more than 136k reviews about the game. Overall Rating of the iRunner app apk game is 4.2 stars out of five. This is both for the adults and also for the kids and it is time lightening. There is a review of some user about this nice piece of Top Casual Games.

Review of Some User About iRunner Apk

When I have installed it then I was unaware that what is the function of the game and how to play it? When I have installed and start to play I feel like that I am addict to this iRunner. My kid also like to play this game. Overall I will give 4.5 Stars out of 5 because of it quietness. I will strangle recommend it to the users of the Temple Run and Ninja kid run.

Here are the downloading links of the application from the Google Play Store. The reason behind to provide the link for the market is that you will receive fresh and up-to-date application. Here is the link to downloads.

Downloading Links For iRunner app apk android
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