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Hello Everyone Today I am introducing you a new android app that is ” Islam And Eating Disorders “. This android app has been developed and designed by “Health & Fitness“. This app is really great and it reveal all the problem related to eating and how you can solve them easily. Eating Disorders in Muslim World? Yes they are real, they exist. Eating Disorders don’t Discriminate and Affect Muslims too. Islamic body of law has not dealt with many cases of Eating Disorders. In Muslim culture people struggle to come to terms with this level of illness, as it becomes difficult to rationalize and understand whether it’s self afflicted or psychological.Islam and Eating Disorders android app

Welcome to ‘Islam and Eating Disorders. Eating Disorders are a growing problem in the Muslim world . We don’t have the statistics for this disease but it is affecting many from Pakistan to Gulf to Western Africa to Indonesia. We can’t even guess the number, since doctors have no requirement to report eating disorders to health agencies, and since most people who suffer disordered eating never seek treatment, it’s hard to get accurate statistics. However, directly or indirectly Muslim communities across the world are affected by this disorder. The depth of misery and despair may be hidden from majority of people but that doesn’t mean.

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” very naic app!!!! Islam and Eating Disorders really good I like it……. 

” Awesome app Great app with lots of useful information and Surely Make my eating habits Good

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