Jumping Creature – Hero Chase V1.0 Apk

Hello android game lovers today I am sharing a new android game “Jumping Creature – Hero“. This android game has been developed and design by “Iterbit“. You can get more updates and games from the developer from Google Apps Market.This is no ordinary jumping game. It takes high amount of concentratioJumping Creature - Hero Chase V1.0 android app apkn and capability to know when to use time powers to rush from evil creatures who want to take you down!

In this fun chase game you will take control of fast creature which have ability to control time and can also fly high through the sky. Jump from platform to platform and use your powers to control their
gradually increasing movement speed!

Features of Jumping Creature – Hero Chase:

  • Move your device left or right to move your hero
  • Jump on platform and don’t miss it or you will fall. Use time powers if platforms are rushing!
  • Rush to escape the evil ghost and use your hero powers to stop him
  • Recharge your powers by jumping either on the left or right platform edge –
    Near death adrenaline gives you bonus power!
  • Beat high score and become top hero of the day.
  • It’s a good jump game to play with your family and friends.
  • Not even blaze in the background can’t stand your mighty hero power and jumping skills!

Video of Jumping Creature:

Reviews of Jumping Creature – Hero Chase:

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This is a new style jumping better to play this game I was tired of playing donkey jump but this is the most played game in my mobile

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