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Hello android game players there is new android game for you “Mad Dog Maze “. This android game has been developed and designed by “Victor.E – Apps & Games“. You can get more apps and games from the developer from Google Play Store. You’re a construction dog that chases cats inside a maze neighborhood. You block off their paths by running through the maze and putting up walls of bones in strategic spots. The cats are smart enough to run from you and there’s more than one type. As you progress through the game, you figure out how to avoid the maze’s robotic dog catcher that smashes your bone walls. Keep note of how it likes to move forward. That is key to beating the levels.Mad Dog Maze android game apk

Really simple to learn. You swipe anywhere on the maze to move and tap the open slot next to you to build a wall. A How To Play section is included.
Once you get good at placing the bone walls, you’ll love this game!

No ordinary maze features
• Laser walls – the dog catcher moves through these because it turns off the beams as it approaches them.
• Hedge walls – lower walls of grass that only the cats can jump over.
• Teleporters – you, the cats and the dog catcher use these to go all over the place.

Reviews of Mad Dog Maze:

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Highly Addictive! I’m hooked! This game is challenging but very fun. Very easy to get started, and the levels get harder and harder after each win – oh, and the dog is super cute! 

Excellent Game Mad Dog is my favorite dog now. Haha I like the funny sounds the cat makes when you catch it. Excellent Game well worth the download. 

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