Magic Breaker : brick breaker Apk Game

Welcome android users there is new android game is presented to you “Magic Breaker : brick breaker“. This android app has been developed and designed by “HM PROD“. You can get more apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store. Let’s experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played!, which pushes back the limits of the entertainment! You have 40 levels and have diverse bonus to triumph. From now on, break the first brick and throw you!

Features of Magic Breaker brick breaker:

There are some of the features of this android apk magic brick game

  • Get through 40 levels, some less Zen than others.Magic Breaker brick breaker apk android game 1
  • Embody Arold, the apprentice magician.
  • An addicting, easy and intuitive break-in-brick.
  • 9 available Languages.
  • Master 3 elements.
  • Of numerous powers and faithful bonuses in breakage-brick to destroy everything.
  • Video game typifies breakage-brick with 4 environments.
  • A leaderboard to compare its best scores to the other budding magicians.
  • You can play Magic Breaker without internet connection.

Reviews of Magic Breaker brick breaker:

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My favorite puzzle game Puzzle games are always my favorite games. And this one is the most favorite! “

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