Matchsticks Game Pro Apk Game

Hello android users there is new android app “Matchsticks Game Pro“has been presented to you. This android app has been developed and designed by “Gaharu Studio“. You can get more apps and updates from Google Play Store. Matchsticks game pro is the puzzle game by using matchstick as media, this game can be played by anyone from young to old especially for kids who want to train mathematics skills.Macthsticks Game Pro Apk Game

The game is also not so difficult to be played, just by moving and adding a matchstick to the right position and get the correct answer as to calculate simple math. This game is also very good to train your logic, improving analysis capabilities and improving the sharpness of thought.

There are more than 100 levels in this game and you can also share your game to your friend at facebook and twitter.

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“This is amazing matchstick game “

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