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Hello Android game player today there is a new android game for all of you “Maze Eater“. This android app has been developed and designed by “Willy Moonberg“. You can install more apps of the same developer From Google App Market.Maze eater – adventures of ladybird.

Maze Eater is an arcade game. The goal is to eat all dots while avoiding enemies. Trying to escape you can use any of revolving doors. Revolving doors change the maze layout, so you can easily use theMaze Eater android game apkm to trap your enemies or just to separate from them. This is the primary way of avoiding death. Remember, you must be as quick as possible to escape monsters, outrace an opponent, or navigate in the corridors.

There are other level goodies too:
– vegetables or fruits = bonus points,
– bombs = lost life,
– letters = specials.

At each level, the maze will contain some letters. Eating letters gives you some specials. If, for example, a letter C is consumed while it is blue, the corresponding letter in the word CAGE will be collected. Eating an E with incorrect colour – no benefit. So, sometime you sholud wait a moment for the best color.

The goal is to complete the given words:
CAGE (blue) – all enemies will be capture in the blue cage.
GHOST (red) – your hero is invisible for enemies and bombs for a certain period of time.
LIFE (yellow) – extra life!

Reviews About Maze Eater:

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buzzing! My 9 yr old loved this, so simple yet addictive, I see it as a classic style and its just great fun. 

Awesome. I love this game! It’s challenging, yet also heaps of fun

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