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Hello Everyone today I am sharing a new photography android application that is “MyLapse“. This application has been developed by “Nathan Adam Rzeppa“. Now a days when selfies are popular there is a need of application that fulfill our photography needs so here a new application has been introduced.

There are two photo taking modes within the application: Solo and Duo.

Solo Mode is designed to be taken in portrait mode by oneself. We recommend you start taking a daily picture and seeing all your different looks over the course of the month! We like to call it “catching time”.

Duo Mode is designed to be taken in landscape mode with a partner, but that partner can change photo to photo. The result will be an amazing collage of all the important people in your life, whether that be friends, family, coworkers, teammates or even pets! You can have a MyLapse quickly showing off all 30 of your cats if you’d like.

All photos will be taken inside of the app itself and adding a new picture to your MyLapse takes leMylapse android app free downloadss than 3 seconds daily! With our notification system we will remind you as frequently as you like. Before you know it, you’ll have created a unique and personal MyLapse you can share with your friends via SMS, E-Mail, or Social Media right from inside the application itself.

We show live animations inside the app that are always updated with your recently taken photo. Don’t like one of the pictures? No problem, The user can easily add or delete images inside their MyLapse as well as adjust the transition speed! Some users prefer a quick rapid transition while others like a slower pace similar to a slide show. We provide this option for your own personal taste. We also offer a tab dedicated to your individual MyLapse reminders so you can toggle reminders on and off or modify their timing as need be.

MyLapse comes stocked with two Demo MyLapses already built in so you can see firsthand what our good friends Sean and Amanda were able to do with this application. They took a daily self portrait for 20 days and the results are stunning!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, So download it now by clicking here.

Review About MyLapse:

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Revolutionary- Is a must-download I have a great time creating my own stories over the course of a month, or over the course of a few minutes if I want. This app completely changes the idea of a selfie into something that could be either art or funny. This is a must have!!!

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