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Welcome to the Ninja Game named “Ninjump Apk Android Game” to download and install for free. Ninjump is developed by “Back Flip Studios“and it is very awesome game on Ninja. These are developers of Paper Toss and this their new game is quite good and famous. In this Game there is a ninja and he has to kill the squirrels and angry birds that attack on him one by one. He has to take aim and kill these irritating animals. The Ninja climb wall and jump and jump so that why this game named after Ninjump . This game has been downloaded more then 10 Million downloads from Google Play Store only. Thi game has been shared on Google Plus for More then 123k times. This game has been reviewed from the 216k people and it succeed in receiving more than 4.1 stars for their application.Ninjump Android apk game They are included in the list of top developers and really it is the good and addicting game for you. Now you can download this game on your android tablet or mobile by the downloading links that are given below of the Page.

Ninjump Android Apk Game Latest Version

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