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Welcome Android Users there is new but very interesting android app is presented to you “Ninjutsu Master“. This android app has been developed and designed by “Yellow Lantern Mobile Games“. You can get more apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store. injutsu is the basic and most important on the path to become a great shinobi.Ninjustu master APk Android App
To cast ninjutsus, you must remember the combination of handseals . There are 12 basic handseals: Bird, Boar, Dog, Dragon, Hare, Horse, Ox, Monkey, Ram, Rat, Serpent, Tiger.
Ninjutsu Master offers 165 ninjutsus in 10 elements of ninjutsu:

Features of Ninjutsu Master:

  • Fire Ninjutsu (Katon)
  • Wind Ninjutsu (Fuuton)Ninjustu master APk Android App 1
  • Lightning Ninjutsu (Raiton)
  • Earth Ninjutsu (Doton)
  • Water Ninjutsu (Suiton)
  • Ice Ninjutsu (Hyoton)
  • Boil Ninjutsu (Futton)
  • Lava Ninjutsu (Yoton)
  • Wood Ninjutsu (Mokuton)
  • Storm Ninjutsu (Ranton)
    and 3 eye-jutsu type:
  • Byakugan Ninjutsu
  • Sharingan Ninjutsu
  • Rinnegan Ninjutsu

Reviews of Ninjutsu Master:

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“Very interesting game that I have ever play. Addicted, relax and good for everyone. Recommend it!! “

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