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Welcome android users there is new android app is presented to you “Number Chef“. This android app has been deNumber Chef Apk Android Gameveloped and designed by “ Roope Rainisto “. You can get more apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store.

Number Chef is a brainburner puzzle game that is based on a completely new gameplay mechanic, one that rewards skill and careful thinking.The game might look simple: odd numbers add and even numbers subtract – drag and combine tiles together to fulfill the goals of each level… but you will very quickly figure the problem to be anything but simple.

You know how some games seem to make it sure that you cannot complete a level no matter how well you play that round? In Number Chef, each level is always solvable on the first try… If you just think hard enough!

Features of Number Chef:

Who says there are no new game ideas anymore?

Each of the 150 levels a carefully handcrafted and fine-tuned puzzle. Each level is solvable on the first try – if you’re just smart enough! Most levels can be solved in multiple ways, some in a *very* creative manner.

If you’re a fan of easy games, Number Chef is perhaps not for you. The challenge constantly builds up with new game pieces appearing in each episode.

There is no Pay to Win in Number Chef. The game doesn’t try to prompt to buy consumable coins after every level, or frustrate you with energy bars, impossible levels, slowly recharging lives or level timers.

Reviews of Number Chef:

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“Nice game i really like it.nice and amazing graphics and easy to play.”

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