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Welcome android users there is new android app is presented to you “PAX CHRISTI“. This android app has been developed and designed by “ TrevorM “. You can get more appPAX CHRISTI Apk Android Apps and updates from the developer from Google Play Store. n today’s connected world it’s easy to share and stay updated with what your friends and family are doing. PAX CHRISTI (Meaning Peace in Christ) was designed with the concept of a connected catholic community in mind. Divided into different sections and a friendly user interface PAX CHRISTI consists of the following features.

Features of PAX CHRISTI:

1. Rosary Recital: With different Rosary versions in different languages one can easy browse to find a rosary that suits his needs. Rosaries can be streamed or downloaded for offline use.

2. Prayers:  Prayers are uploaded by members, one can browse through different prayers in different languages, one can also opt to follow members so that a push notification is sent every time the specific member uploads a new prayer.

3. Thoughts: A thought is an image with a catholic message, members upload thoughts which can be browsed through for meditation and inspiration.

Reviews of PAX CHRISTI:

Here are some reviews about this android app. These reviews are given by unique users and you can read more reviews on Google Play Store:

“Very good app. Keep strong Trevor 😉 “

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You can download this app for free now. The link has been taken from Google Play Store so that you can get the most updated and latest version of android app. We and Developers would love to know that what you think about this android app. You can leave a comment under this post or you can install this app and make a review on Google Play Store. Developers would appreciate your review. Download now and enjoy.

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