Pocket Rocket Android Application

Hello every one there is new android application “Pocket Rocket“. This rocket driving appliction has been designed and developed by “AM FUN“.In this hilarious and addictive game, you will drive different rockets to travel to the stars .There must be some information about the features of this application before you go to the downloading links:

  • You will cross different scenarios that will lead you to outer space.
  • You must avoid the asteroids, or destroy them with a missile! And defeat enemies by shooting different weapons, or making them collide with the asteroids.pocket rocket android app free download
  • You can fly at maximum speed using the Turbo, but manage your fuel!
  • Make sure you go collecting the different weapons you find along the way.
  • You can drive using the buttons on the screen, or by movements, using the accelerometer of your Smartphone. The control of the rocket by the accelerometer is amazing!
  • Complete the different challenges to upgrade your ship, and gather as many coins as you can to unlock new features.
  • Play where you want with your Pocket Rocket!

This is enough for you to get interested in this great android app. You can install this application by clicking here.

Review About Pocket Rocket:

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Good In this hilarious and addictive game, you will drive different rockets to travel to the stars. 5 Stars for Sure for this nice piece of application

Downloading Links:

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