Smart Walkie Talkie: VoicePing

Hello Every One Today I am sharing a new android application that is “Smart Walkie Talkie: VoicePing “. This Great app has been developed by “ 2359 Media “. You can Check more app that has been developed by the same developer. This app has cool feature that you send voice mail to any one instead of typing the boring messages. It is much different from other communication android apps. How? I will show you:

How is this different from WhatsApp/Line/Viber/WeChat’s recorded Voice Message?

iMessage and a lot of other apps have this as well. However they really differ from VoicePing’s Voice Message in an important way.

The key is that the messages do not autoplay once you speak This means that the receiver only hears you after you finish the entire recording. They also need to press play and touch their phone to hear you.

In the enterprise setting, the need for instant communication is necessary especially for scenarios like moving goods, guiding vehicles etc.

TL;DR: You hear the message as soon as your colleague speaks to you. No need to press play and even if the apps is not open.

Features of this Android App:

Now I will share some of the features of android app before you download it on your android device:

– Real Walkie Talkie:

Your colleague hears you as soon as you talk. Grab colleagues’ attention with messages that are auto played like a walkie talkie. VoicePing makes sure you get their attention if a response is required ASAP.Smart Walkie Talkie android app

– Hear less, Do more:

Leave voice messages to your colleagues. If they are there, they will hear the message immediately through the phone speaker. If not, they can replay the message later

– Send messages while on the go:

Get your message across without needing to type, a real lifesaver when you should be concentrating on driving or your task at hand.

– Handsfree operation with Headsets:

Make it easy to send messages and stay always connected. Use a headset to start a chat and hear your colleagues replies. Change channel on supported headsets to handle many conversations at a time. Stay compliant with handsfree driving

Review About Smart walkie talkie:

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Great Application! Thankful to developer who have just created such a useful application for us

Downloading Links:

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