Sugar Sweet V1.0 Android Game Apk

Hello Android Game Players Today there is a sweet game for you “Sugar Sweet “. This game has been developer and designed by sweet developers “Gamma Play .com“. you can also get some sweet updates and games from the developers from Google Play Store.Join Sweet Tooth Boy on his sweet adventure through Sugar Sweet land. Play the sweetest game around by matching the patters on the top. Sugar Sweet is fully packed with excitement and yet it’s so simple to play. Play Sugar Sweet alone or with your friends and compare your high scores on leaderboards and progress through Sugar Sweet land. The goal of Sugar Sweet is to assemble sweet patterns shown on top. Sugar Sweet is a sliding puzzle game combined with match pattern game in super sweet candy graphics style. To play; slide candies left/right, up/down to create patterns. Detailed playing instructions with example are provided in 1st level.

Features of Sugar Sweet:Sugar Sweet android V1.0 game apk 1

★ Stunning graphics that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth
★ Amazing music that will stay in your ears for hours after playing
★ Thrilling sound effects will elevate your Sugar Sweet experience to another level of sweetness
★ Boosters will help you overpass even the hardest levels with ease
★ Special items will make the playing board even sweeter and gameplay even more packed with sweetness
★ Complete exciting patterns on top to complete the levels
★ Delicious candies and sweets will just melt in your mind when playing
★ Easy, fun and exciting game play for everyone
★ Everyone loves sugar! The more the better! Add more sugar to your life!
★ Compare your score with your friends on leaderboards
★ Exciting new levels will be added on regular basis to fulfill your daily appetite for sugar

Reviews of Sugar Sweet:

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Sugar Sweet Colorful, creative and inventive. I have been playing this game for a year and enjoy every minute. No annoying ads. Highly recommended. Thanks !

My love for this game is immeasurable. It’s the first thing I downloaded when i got bored with other games! I would recommend to everyone!

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