Unbox The Ibex Sokoban Android App

Welcome to this new android app named as “Unbox The Ibex  Sokoban Android App” and believe me this is great and you will feel it’s awesomeness when you install it and play. This is a great Puzzle Game and believe me you will be addicted to it just install once and play it one time. It has been developed by the “Atanas C“developers and they will surely be making such great applications and games and introduce them to the Google Market. You might be thinking that how old this is this or how much popular it is but the games that are awesome didn’t need any kind of glamour they will be in the heart of the users. This is such kind of Cut the Rope and how can check more on our blog. Before we will proceed to download this app I will add more about this game so that you will have much craze in your heart before playing.

Unbox The Ibex  Sokoban Specs:

As it is new but struggling to get a better place in the market ans we specially promoting these old apps and not those who are already too much popular that they didn’t need any promotion. Here are some of the specifications that are available for this Sokoban Unbox The Ibex Sokoban Android AppUnbox the ibex. Push the cages over the keys to unlock them and free your friends, push away the boxes and try to avoid the traps.Unbox The Ibex is a free sokoban puzzle in which the player (The Ibex) moves boxes around a maze, trying to free his friends. Hurry up and help the Ibex save his friends! Here is some of the outlook inn the form of gold points:

  • Best and Attractive sound and music
  • It has 48 levels to play and enjoy
  • Funny and Attention Puzzle game
  • You have 5 minutes to complete the level
  • Mind Storming and Intelligence
  • A box or cage cannot be pulled.
  • The Ibex cannot walk through boxes or walls.
  • The Ibex cannot walk through traps

I think this is much more to know about it and rest of it is reveled when you will play it on your android device. This application accept that it must be downloaded and shared with your friends

Review of Some User about Sokoban:

 I’m Jennifer and when I have downloaded this application and believe it is great and I love to play ti in my free time specially when i am tense and have some tension I free my mind by playing this game

Downloading Links:

The Downloading links that I am providing is taken from Google Play Store. The reason is that you must get best and updated resources so that you will not get banged when you install the virus filled apps. So Feel free To Download

Downloading Links For Unbox The Ibex  Sokoban
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From Google Play
File Size=14mb